Sunday, December 29, 2013

True Backlinks Detection

This post is specially dedicated for Bloggers and for those who are willing to begin blogging. The word "backlink" is a very familiar word with every blogger. There is no blogger who does not know about this. So I am not going to explain it now. As many people say, the most common method of making backlinks is commenting on other blogs. If you have searched on internet "How to increase the rank of a website/ blog ?", 99% of websites says that comment on other blogs and it will make  back links to your blog and large number of backlinks will increase the rank of your website. Some people says that make 50 comments per day then 1500 per month, etc.

But unfortunately the matter is that "Do really those comments make backlinks to your blog/website ? ". Most of people think that once a comment is created automatically a backlink created but unfortunately most of time you are just wasting your time. Because search engine crawlers do not go through those links(web addresses) which you have put with your comment.

How Does This Happen ?

If you have observed the HTML code of a link it looks like this:

<a href=”URL”>Link Text</a>

Link Text appears on the web page and when you click it the Web browser loads the content of the URL. This is a real backlink if your link appear on a web page with above format then search engines accept that link as a backlink.

But most of comments you put are in the below format.

 <a href=”URL” rel=”nofollow”>Link Text</a>

in this case also your link is shown on web pages but you can see there is a special tag called "nofollow". Because of these tags search engines just go through your link but does not consider as backlinks.

Why do they use "nofollow" tag ?

Most of people comment on other blogs not to admire them. Commentators need just to add a backlink to their blog/website. Sometime they comment without even reading the content( You might have seen many comments such as "A great post", "Thank you for posting these content", etc these comments are put just to generate backlinks). To prevent these things and spams, blog/website administrators use "nonfollow" tag. The comment remains but does not make a backlink.

How to detect whether my comment makes a backlink ?

There are many methods of detecting true backlinks. i will teach you a methods to detect which web browser independent.

step 1 :  go to the comment section of the blog/website that you are going to comment

step 2 : Then right click on a comment someone has posted already

step 3 : Click "inspect element" (This option is available in many web browsers, I have tested this
             in firefox, chrome and internet explorer)

when "inspect element" is clicked  the web browser loads the html code as shown below

As shown on the above image. The HTML code of the link is shown in a highlighted line. In this example you can see there contain the nonfollow tag. if  the highlighted text contain nonfollow tag then your comment does not make a backlink it just a comment. If there is not a non follow tag then it creates a backlink.

I hope now you have the ability to check a true backlink. The advantage of a comment is that even though it is does not create backlinks, it makes human readers aware about your blog. If you have any problem regarding this post put a comment.

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