Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing technology is a very popular technology nowadays. Lots of people and companies use this technology to make easy their work. Some people use this technology even without knowing that they use this technology. Let’s understand clearly what this technology is and how it makes computing easy/beneficial.

Let assume you have an organization and there are bunch of computers. When you need to install same software for a number of computers then there may be many constraints. Sometime there are legal policies that ask you to pay them a large amount of money to install for a bunch of computers also sometimes it may be very time consuming task to install individually. 

The most important/considerable fact is that the computers may not be compatible with the software that you are going to install (hardware, operating system may not support / ram, video card, processor is not enough).  If you still need to install under these conditions definitely you need to upgrade your computers for the installation of new software. In this case cloud computing come for your rescue.

In cloud computing technology, the software/application that you need to use is not installed into your computer. So where is it   ???  It is installed into the cloud computing server. What you have to do is just logging into the server and use it.  In this technology your pc does not need to have high performance hardware or any specific operating system for the application. You just need an internet connection and a normal pc to log into the server. All the processing parts of the software are executed in the server. When you give an input from the keyboard or mouse that command directly sent to the server and that command is executed on the cloud server. so you can use software in the servers as they are in your PC.

Advantages of cloud computing

  •  Do not need to waste a large amount of money for hardware
  •  Operating system independent
  •  Easy to handle : The total software is stored in servers therefore space of your computer, memory usage and processor usage is saved
  •  some PC based applications can be used even from a mobile phone

Disadvantages of cloud computing

  •  Information security and protection                                                                                                                                                    When some very private and important data are stored in servers sometimes it can be stolen or  corrupted data (but nowadays these things are happened rarely)

  •  Servers do not support lots of software                                                                                        Cloud servers support only for popular and mostly used software so sometimes they will not provide service for some software

 Popular applications which use cloud computing technology

  •  you tube
  •  Facebook
  • google doc 
  • cloud gaming applications (click here to know more about cloud gaming)

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