Friday, November 8, 2013

Cloud Gaming

            Cloud gaming is one of the most popular technology in the world for game playing. The words “cloud gaming” may little bit weird for the people who are not much involved in the IT sector. But the simple meaning of “cloud gaming” is that you can play complex modern games without having expensive hardware parts. (Simply, even though system requirements are not satisfied you can play games from your own pc) 

          Think for a while, nowadays when someone needs to play a modern game definitely he should have a high performance pc.  Many people do not have high performance pcs due to their cost.  Therefore this new technology helps gamers to play modern new games by their own ordinary pc without fitting new hardware components.  (Amazing isn’t it :) )

Ok now let’s learn a bit about how this method works. 

This is like video streaming. As an example when you are watching a video on YouTube it is called video streaming. So the game is also played like a video streaming method.   When you play the game it is actually executed on “cloud gaming servers” not on your pc. When you play it all the visuals of the game are streamed in to your computer. When you give instructions/commands using your input devices mouse, keyboard or joystick those commands are directly sent to the cloud gaming server and at the server they are executed. So the game is originally played on the servers and you are just watching the videos.

  Cloud gaming technology has two methods which depend on the speed of the internet connection which are  video streaming method (for speed connections) and file stream method (for low speed connections). So you can play these games from a low speed connection too.

Advantages of cloud gaming

  •       No need to pay for additional hardware to play games
The game run on cloud gaming servers, so just having basic hardware is enough to play modern games.

  •        You can play games from any operating system
Normally lots of games are restricted to a specific operating system. So people who are using other operating systems cannot play the game. But in this method you can play from any OS which support this service.

  •   You can play it instantly and can save space
When you are going to play a game in traditional/usual way first you have to download and install the game with wasting a huge amount of space in the hard disk (number of GBs). But now when you are getting the service from a cloud gaming server you can easily play a game you like.

  •    Can play it even in mobile phones
Cloud gaming technology is extended for mobile usage therefore you can play many games using your smart phone.

Cloud gaming sites

Above are few sites which provide cloud gaming facility. You can create an account and play. site s 30 min free playing time and you can feel the difference of cloud gaming technology.

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