Saturday, September 28, 2013

Check Your Virus Guard

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Nowadays there are lots of virus guards in the world. Various companies produce various type of virus guards to fight with the current viruses. i could not you give a proper explanation about viruses and virus guards from my prior articles but i am hoping to publish articles regarding viruses and anti virus software as soon as possible.

Popular Virus Guards In The World

Today, i brought you a simple method which helps you to check whether your current virus guard is working properly. (This method is a very common and popular method)

Actually we check the existing virus guard by using a fake virus. We create a fake virus and then check whether the virus guard detects it( nothing to worry about making a fake virus. fake virus does not harm your computer even though it is not detected by the virus guard. it just pretends as there is a virus   :) )

Below are the methods you need to follow,

Open "notepad" application in your computer ( if you have any other text editors like notepad++    you can use it too)

copy and paste the below code in to the notepad screen


Now save your file anywhere in your hard disk using the name :

that is all

Now your virus guard should detect the saved file as a virus and it should be shown  as a virus. (Below is an example. The way virus guard show the message depends on the type of virus guard. some may delete it and some may ask what to do. Our goal is knowing whether the virus guard can detect viruses - it works properly)

Your virus guard will detect the file within few seconds.
If your virus guard did not detect this file there should be an error of your virus guard.

If you have any problem regarding this test, comment below.

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