Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Blue-tooth technology in mobile devices

 Blue-tooth can be described as a wireless technology standard for transmitting data over a very short distance( few meters). Blue-tooth technology use radio waves for transmitting data. It is a very popular method in data transferring between mobile devices specially in mobile phones. There are many reasons for its popularity  this technology is a wireless technology, security is higher than older methods and easy to use these were some facts which made bluetooth popular . In earlier stages in mobile devices they used infrared data transmission technology. many mobile phones used this method to data transfer, but later with the arrival of the blue-tooth. Blue-tooth became more popular.

Normally in any blue-tooth enabled mobile devices can be connected with each others very easily( except iphones, iphones can be connected only with iphones). After connected, it can do lots of operations depend on the condition of the mobile device. Such as file transferring, remote controlling, working as a music player. Also it can make person al area networks of 3MB/s speed.

When we consider the security aspects, even security is not too high but it has some average features. Normally if a device does not like to be detected it can go to invisible mode. Also when a connection is going to be established it ask for pass key. These are some security features of blue-tooth. Modern devices has more security features.

Currently blue-tooth is used not only for mobile devices but also it is used for any other devices such as medical instruments, security instruments for domestic usage. Their low current usage and accuracy is considered for this applications. Currently blue-tooth technology is being developed more and more. Very speed and micro size blue-tooth devices will be commercially available in near future.

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